Hi I'm Celine,

I like to ride horses, run and jump hurdles. The highest I've jumped so far is 3.3' but I'm going to go higher. Next spring I'm going to start competing at horse shows with the horse I ride, Carmella. I like experimenting, building and working with objects. I'm going to study physics and engineering at UVA when I grow up. My first job I'm going to try and get is being a vet, then a trainer.

If you are looking for 3D objects I suggest going to Digi Fab Lab or Crozet Digi Fab Lab

If you like knowing how stuff works go to Exploring How Stuff Works. Soon I will have a link so you can see what I create. I will post up photos of my tower bridge and a castle. I hope you enjoy my wiki.

Some of my favorite videos are Patty Cat and Puissance and Puissance WIHAS

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